Who can use our service?

Visits are by referral in one of two ways:

  • The referral can be made by a social worker, solicitor, family mediator, CAFCASS officer (formally known as a Court Family Welfare Officer), or by a court order.
  • Separated parents/families can ‘self refer’ provided all parties agree to attend the centre.

In both cases, a referral form is filled out and it is sent to the Centre Co-ordinator. A referral form must be completed by both resident and non resident parent. How often you come to the centre depends on you and when the centre is open. Reviews take place after six sessions at the centre.

The referral form is available online here or on the Links page.

What happens next?

The Co-ordinator will be in touch with both parties and arrange separate pre-visits to the centre. It is preferable that the children also attend this meeting so they are more familiar with the building. The meeting is a chance for you to ask questions about the centre and for us to clarify any specific requirements such as whether parents/family members choose to meet, session times, frequency of visits etc.

Our aim as a supported contact centre is to help parents and children to rebuild relationships and move on to contact outside of the contact centre.  There is no timescale for how long families can attend the centre but there will be regular review points agreed at the meeting.

Session Times & Fees

The Child Contact Centre is run at The Village Centre,  Englefield Green on two weekends each month – on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays from 2pm – 4pm.

There is a £25 one off referral fee and each session is then £5 per family.